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NAFIS supports the survivors of FGM/C by esteblished three support centers in Hargeisa, Borama and Burao

with technical support from Progressio Somaliland and financial support from the development 

partnerscoordinated the process that led to the development of a 3- year Advocacy Strategy 2016 -2019 and an Advocacy Implementation Plan Nov 2016 –Nov 2017.


The NAFIS Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 and the NAFIS Advocacy Capacity assessment revealed that the network had been doing advocacy work on FGM/C policy and legal environment but without an advocacy strategy.  There was an urgent need to develop an advocacy strategy that provides strategic direction for engaging decision-makers, policy makers, legislators, religious/ traditional leaders, youth and other key influencers for adoption of the draft national anti-FGM/C  policy and enact the law that protects the rights of girls and women from the harm caused by the practice. The strategy wasdeveloped in an extensive participatory process that involved the staff,Board of Directors, members of NAFIS Network and non- members. The non-NAFIS members who actively participated in developing the advocacy strategy and advocacy implementation plan included Somaliland Women’s Lawyer Association, Somaliland Human Rights Commission, Somaliland Network of Youth Organization.


The advocacy strategy has three objectives


  • To influence policy makers and high level decision-makers to adopt the draft national anti-FGM policy
  • To lobby and dialogue with the legislators to enact the anti-FGM/C law
  • To engage the religious/traditional leaders, media, civil society, youth, institution of learning and the communities to support total eradication of all forms of FGM/C in Somaliland in the Anti-FGM/C policy and law


The mechanism through which the advocacy strategy will be implemented was established. It is known as the Advocacy Working Group (AWG). The AWG is composed of representatives of 8 organizations/ institutions namely:



  1. Comprehensive Community Based Rehabiliation In Somaliland (CCBRS)
  2. Women Action For Advocacy and Progress Organization (WAAPO)
  3. Candlelight
  4. Somaliland Women Lawyers Assosiation (SWLA)
  5. Somaliland National Human Rights Commission (SNHRC)
  6. Somaliland Family Health Association (SOFHA)
  7. Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO)



The overall objective of establishing the advocacy working group (AWG) was to create a mechanism that will spearhead the implementation of the advocacy strategy and the advocacy plan that will ultimately contribute to the adoption of the draft Somaliland anti-FGM/C policy and enactment of the Somaliland anti-FGM/C law.


NAFIS fraternity including the advocacy working group call upon all the stakeholders to support the enforcement of the strategy that will contribute to protecting girls and women from the negative consequences caused by FGM/C practice and ultimately contribute to poverty reduction.




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