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NAFIS (Network against Female Genital Mutilation in Somaliland) applauds the fruitful efforts by different stakeholders throughout seven years that has seen the passage of Rape law by lower House of Representatives. Our sincere prayer is to the upper house to pass it also; not withstanding any amendments that may be required. This will save our daughters, sisters and mothers who have suffered for a very long and it will be a memorable legacy that our new government will bequeath our coming generation.

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This year’s (2018) theme for commemorating the Day of the African Child is “Leave no Child Behind for Africans Development”.  The Day of the African Child is celebrated every 16th June, with the aim of bringing together civil society organizations, humanitarian organizations, Government institutions and the public, to reflect on how the African child who has often struggled to survive can be protected from all forms of violence, abuse or neglect, and be given the opportunity to learn and contribute towards Africa’s socio-economic development.

Somaliland as is the case with many other African States is working towards promoting child protection. According to the situational analysis described in the Somaliland National Development Plan II, a significant number of children in Somaliland do experience different forms of violence (sexual, physical, psychosocial) reported as rape and female genital mutilation. About half of Somali children engage in child labor and some children are separated from their families.  

NAFIS Network is committed to ensure that no child is left behind as Africa develops and that children should be protected from all forms of violence. In this regard NAFIS Network urges all stakeholders involved in child protection to advocate and lobby for the endorsement of the anti-FGM policy and act. We reaffirm our commitment to work together with different partners to protect Somali children and promote them to realize their potential. As such this year’s theme is rephrased to “Leave no Child Behind for Somaliland Development and stop cutting girls” 

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Network Against FGM/C In Somaliland (NAFIS) in collaboration with Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO) established 6 youth forum platforms which the youth will be able to advocate and lobby for the passage of implementation the Anti-FGM policy, law and also gain knowledge to be able to educate and influence other youth groups and the community to change their attitude and practices towards FGM.

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CSOs conducted a consultation meeting, which was basically aligned to emphasize and show their position of ending all forms female genital mutilation and pushing government to outlaw all forms of FGM by approving Anti-FGM policy and pass law.

 The executive Director of NAFIS Network was also briefly revealed where are we in the ending FGM/C movements? He stated that this movement is going on around 20 Years. But now the last Seven Years we are assertive forward to MEFSA and MORA to come up one agenda come up Policy accordingly in order to eliminate this barbaric action in our community which is not based on our wonderful and merciful religion. Therefore, he finally concluded that during this conference we want to produce a press statement on a loud voice aligned our government especially MORA and MEFSA to finalize this movement by produced FATWA and approve drafted FGM policy which is on table for the last seven years “this is actually a human right violation like Rape Policy which was approved recently”.

Drs. Aden Aden used to work more than 42 years to end FGM In our community alone have seen today that all those people are standing up to end FGM in our community is really a substantial movement and she welcomed highly. Moreover, she briefly highlighted where and how this barbaric habit comes to us. She told us that now those countries are not practicing because of they knew it is not in our religion but it is a deadly harmful effect on the health of our girls throughout their life both at teenage and motherhood. Moreover, it damages their fertility and causes the death of millions of our beloved infants. Therefore, we need to standup to protect our young girls who couldn’t able to stand up their rights and to protect the upcoming generation to have a healthy families and healthy community.

“ I really appreciated the effort paid by the CSOs especially NAFIS Network  which is standing  up to end FGM in our community , therefore, MORA on behalf of government and religious leaders will announce the FATWA by either tomorrow or the day after Insha Allah”  said Mr. Aden  the DG of MORA


The chairperson of NAFIS Network announced that the government role of ending FGM/C is needed at this stage since the community is ready to hear the law banning FGM/C. She mentioned that there is confusion among the community on FGM/C types, therefore outlawing all forms is the decision we are urging to the government. At the conclusion the civil society produced press statement click here

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“Walking ‘in the shoes’ of the Women Experiencing Violence”

Violence against women is one of the most systematic and widespread human rights violations. It is rooted in gendered social structures rather than individual and random acts; it cuts across age, socio-economic, educational and geographic boundaries; affects all societies; and is a major obstacle to ending gender inequality and discrimination globally.
The United Nations defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life”

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NAFIS conducted community engagement sessions about ending FGM/C hazards in the villages of Maroodi-Jeeh region which’s: Gadhka-Warsame-Xaad, Bender-Wanaag, Balli-Axmed, Qori-Jabley, Xadhig-Xadhig, Sharmarke, Ina-Cunaye, Cunaqabad, Agabar and Caadda. About 200 participants have attended for the awareness rising meetings in all of the 10 villages, each village 20 participants have attended and 55% out of the total participants were female.


“NAFIS envision a society where all forms of violence against women and girls are eliminated”.


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Regional Conference on Anti-FGM stakeholders in Burao.

Dib u qiimaynta mashruuca caawiya xarumaha tageera Haweenka dhibtu ka soo gaadhay Gudniinka Hablaha ee ay tageerto…
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