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NAFIS is a network that comprises of about 20 member organizations spread across the Somaliland Regions;

Membership criteria

The following criteria will be used to join CSOs in Somaliland to become member of NAFIS Network.

1.       Networks, NGOs and CBOs that share the aims and vision of NAFIS shall be eligible to apply for membership.

2.       Organizations must have functioning office

3.       Must be registered at the ministry of National Planning and Development

4.       membership she=all be effective upon payment of subscription fee determined by General Assembly (GA)

5.       Membership in NAFIS WILL Approve by GA

6.       Application for membership shall be submitted to the executive coordinator of the network for consideration and reviewed by the board of directors and approved by the GA

 Membership Admission process

1-      Member applying for membership must have functioning office

2-      Should have a valid certificate with the ministry of planning and development

3-      Submit a written application to the executive department of NAFIS accompanied by recommendation from relevant local authorities of the area where the applicant is operating

4-      Having food record and reputation both with the community and government

5-      Submit written commitment to abide by the code of conduct of NAFIS

6-      Shall pay admission fee equivalent to subscription fee of two years ($120)



“NAFIS envision a society where all forms of violence against women and girls are eliminated”.


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Behind Summar time Rest.
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Regional Conference on Anti-FGM stakeholders in Burao.

Dib u qiimaynta mashruuca caawiya xarumaha tageera Haweenka dhibtu ka soo gaadhay Gudniinka Hablaha ee ay tageerto…
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