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NAFIS speaks for the poor and marginalized to support them in achieving their rights and challenging unfair systems
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NAFIS is the only national network fighting against FGM/C practice in Somaliland for the last 10 years. The network has been using different approaches to combat FGM/C issues basedon the nature of the interventions.

On Thursday 8 December 2016, NAFIS organized one day of its 5th General Assembly - at HIDDO DHAWR TOURISM VILLAGE.

NAFIS in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA), Ministry of Religious affairs (MORA),

On 28th February 2017, Progressio Somaliland along with a coalition of 12 Somali Civil Society

Child protection module two training

BLOG Monday, 21 March 2016 04:19

NAFIS Organized a module two of child protection training for organizations implementing Kindernothilfe grants either direct or through NAFIS Network from 30th of March up to 2nd April 2015. The main objective of Module One training which conducted in May last year was to motivate the partner organizations to develop or to strengthen their Child Protection Policies (CPP) according to the standards developed by the network ‘Keeping Children Safe’. The objectives of this Module two training focusing more on the practical implementation of the child protection policies (CPPs) and corresponding Child Protection Initiatives (CPI):

On 23rd of April NAFIS conducted very important workshop of discussing and analysing the current situation of female genital mutilation, what works well and what don’t work well?. NAFIS wishes to acknowledge all the participants of that workshop, their honest, participation and contribution.

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